Cavcaliuc wonders: Should I start on my own or should I go for a party that is already established on the politics arena

After he announced that he gets involved in politics, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc is supported by more and more people.

This was announced by the leader of the National Police on his Facebook page.

Cavcaliuc received messages from many parties. He asked for the advice of the citizens in order to know how to register his new party.

"Dear friends, the ones who know me and trust me, once I resigned, many of you supported me through their messages, because they trust me and are honored to lead their party.

I am honored to be in such an office.

Certainly, I will check on the offers that I received about the ideologies, targets and values.

As a Republic of Moldova citizen, I want to have better conditions for my children. How do you think, should I take a proposal that I was offered or should I start on my own?

I will inform you about my last decision", wrote Cavcaliuc on his Facebook page.


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