Cataract surgeries to be performed in districts

Doctors from Moldova have performed this year over three thousand Cataract surgeries.  Specialists from the four medical institutions, where the surgery is performed, cannot deal with the large influx of patients. In those conditions, Ministry of Health suggests for this surgery to also be performed in Hospitals from districts.

Vera Rusu, is 62 years old and she came for the second time in three years, from Dondușeni, to the Republican Clinical Hospital. For many of those elders it takes much time and money to reach hospitals from Chisinau.

In 2017, Republican Clinical Hospital performed 1640 surgeries. In some days, doctors operate on up to 12 patients.

Ministry of Health has already called the National Health Insurance Company to finance such surgeries in districts.

Some hospitals from districts will receive the necessary equipment for cataract surgeries in January 2018.

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