Casket of King Michael I arrived in Romania

The lifeless body of His Majesty late King Michael I arrived in Romania. He was transported from Switzerland where the late King passed away, using a military aircraft of the Defense Ministry. Some members of the Royal Family, were in the plane all the way from Geneva to Bucharest, acting as guards.

Today, at 11:00 local time, the lifeless body of His Majesty late King Michael I will arrive at Otopeni Airport, from where he will be transported by car to Peleș Castle. The event will take place under the watchful eyes of the Head of Royal Family, Crown Princess of Romania, Margareta, as well as member of the Royal Family, representatives from State institutions, Orthodox church and His Majesty's house. The press will be allowed to attend the ceremony, but it will be closed to the public. 

On Wednesday, 13th December 2017, at 14:00 local time, the lifeless body of the late King will be laid in the Peles Castle's Hall of Honor. The Crown Princess and the Royal Family will be present at Sinaia. The program, by which officials will be able to bring their condolences at Peleș Castle is the following:

  • 14-15 O'clock: President of Romania, President of Moldova, members from the Government of Romania, members from the Government of Republic of Moldova, members from the Parliament of Romania, members from the Parliament of Republic of Moldova.
  • 15-16 O'clock: Representatives of State, central and local institutions.
  • 16-17 O'clock: Representatives of the diplomatic corps of European Union, NATO and international organizations.
  • 17-18 O'clock: Representatives of the Romanian Academy and Academy of Sciences of Moldova, of the Orthodox Church and those of the Catholic Church.

Access to Peleș Castle is only granted based on existing list previously mentioned in the Royal Protocol for the institutions mentioned above.

The public will not have access during the stay of the coffin at the Royal Domain of Sinaia. The press will be able to access the terrace of the Peleș Castle and, at certain hours, in the Hall of Honors. 

On Wednesday, 13th December 2017, at 18:00 local time, the lifeless body of His Majesty will be taken from Peleș Castle and transported to the Throne room from the Royal Palace (Calea Victoriei, No. 49-53), where he will arrive at 20:30 local time. The ceremony will be private. The press and public will not be allowed entrance in the Throne Room during the ceremony. The press will only be allowed to enter the Royal Palace.

All those who wish to come and lay flowers, as well as bow to the catafalque of His Majesty, will be able to come to the Throne room of the Royal Palace on:

  • Wednesday, 13th December 2017, between 21:00 and 24:00 local time;
  • Thursday, 14th December 2017, between 8:00 and 22:00 local time;
  • Friday, 15th December 2017, between 8:00 and 22:00 local time.

The entry is free. The press is allowed in.

Those present at the Royal Palace who will come to say their last farewells for late King Michael I are requested to follow the rules:

  • Be dressed appropriately, in dark colors;
  • Do not bring in any bags, or luggage which takes place;
  • Do not come with children under 7 years old, or strollers;
  • Do not use cameras, cell phones, or any other electronics;
  • Filming and taking pictures is banned, to respect the occasion's solemnity;
  • Make sure you have any type of ID;
  • Nobody will be allowed to lay flowers at the catafalque. All flowers will be laid in the garden of the Royal Palace, or on the sidewalk from of the Palace. The employees from His Majesty's House will be present to guide the public;
  • People who come to the catafalque are urged to not bring any volumes, letters, postmarks, documents or pictures. All those can be later sent, by mail, to the address of Elisabeta Palace;
  • Within the Royal Palace, filming and talking on cell phones is strictly forbidden;
  • Cooperate with specialized employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs during security checks, which will be held in the yard and within the Royal Palace;
  • Running around the perimeter is forbidden;
  • Respect the program of activity and the directions set by organizers, as well as the indications of the specialized employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

During the period of free entrance in the Royal Palace a First-aid post will function.

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