Carols Festival at Tiganesti monastery: Policemen and folk bands performed

Fairy tale atmosphere on the second Christmas day at Tiganesti Monastery. 15 folck from the country performed at the folk festival the most beautiful folk traditions specific to the holiday.

People say they have collected the most beautiful songs from their localities and they want to pass it on to the next generations.

"We always come with the greatest grace and come with the most beautiful carols to praise the Lord Jesus Christ because he was born on the face of the earth", a woman said.

"We select them from our estates, our ancestors, we strive to be more and more old. Now the customs are lost, but we try to bring them to reality and revive the traditions", said a man.

"We promote not only national values and cultural heritage, but also authentic clothing, which we emphasize. This scarf is from my aunt who represented us as a nation."

Not only artistic collections sang carols, but so did the police.

Because it was quite cold, the representatives of the Codru battalion of geniuses prepared tea.

"In the morning, I prepared the porridge, the fruit, the sugar, the fruits, as usual, as a soldier eats", said a man present at the event.

"To warm up our voices so that we can sing nice, it's a traditional drink, we are called" boiled wine "in Straseni," izvar. "However, it's the same," a woman said .

Several people came to the Tiganesti Monastery to see the show.

"I am born in the village of Ţigăneşti, and I pray, all the while, when we have time, we come here to make our longing for ourselves, and a very beautiful tradition is preserved", said a resident of the village.

"It is the most important celebrations of our people and I want to wish for health, success and Christmas celebrations to bring only joy and smiles on the face of our people", said Mihai Popa, president of Straseni district.

The Carols Festival is organized at the Gypsy Monastery for the eighth consecutive year with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

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