Carnival season begins for children. Various shops from Capital offer costumes for rent

December is the month when carnival costume are in demand. Only in the Capital, there are dozens of shops where children, in a few minutes, might become their favorite characters: Superman or Jack Sparrow. Those services are not expensive, being of only a few hundreds of lei.

December is the most stressful month for Olga. She owns a shop where people can rent costumes and accessories for carnivals: crown, hats, superheroes shirts. Each year has a different trend.

"The main traditions remain unchanged. For girls, usually, we offer "snowflake" costumes, with white dresses and silver elements. For boys, we have costumes of elves, Santa Clauses. For those older - Spiderman" Olga Lisneac declared.

On the other hand, Olesea has long ago given up on specialized shops. For every holiday, she crafts costumes herself for her two children.

"All girls wish for dolls. This pink dress is an exact copy of one a doll would wear, but with slight different colors" Olesea Melnic explained.

"A child must not be pressured, otherwise stress would cause them to refuse everything, they will protest. Will have a bad mood and will loose all interest in the fun of New Years" psychologist Iliana Chisari warned.

Renting a carnival costume costs between 100 and 300 lei.

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