CAREFUL INFORMATION: The country's basins are polluted

Only water in the rivers Prut and Nistru is of good quality. The rest of the country's basins are polluted. The conclusion lies with the Apele Moldovei Agency, which has done more research during the year 2018.

On International Water Day, Environmental Agency specialists made their own experiment. They checked the water in Bac and the lakes of the Valley of the Roses and the Mills. 

Specialists took a few samples from the river Bac, from the street of Albisoara street. Surprisingly, however, the analyzes of the Environmental Agency show a little different from those of the Moldovan Apele specialists. 

"It was found that the dissolved oxygen in the monitored point is around seven and four, which means that the water quality is in good condition", said Prodan Petru, head of the laboratory for water quality. 

In Valea Morilor Lake, cleaned three years ago, the water contains many harmful substances that reach the Durlesti River. The situation is similar in the lake of Valea Trandafirilor Park. There is a lot of misery floating on the water. 

"The surface, the mirror of the water is not in good condition, we have the algae development here, we also have discarded rubbish", explained Arcadie Leahu, head of the Environmental Reference Laboratory. 

"Our preoccupation for the coming years, setting a target for the country as well - "Good Water for Moldova", a program in which we are going to ensure the whole population with access to water. Besides this key element, it is necessary, in parallel, to continue with sanitation projects, or sewerage sources", said Nicolae Ciubuc, Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development. 

In the country, there are over 3,000 rivers and over 1.

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