Carabineers troop reform discussed by Alexandru Jizan and Giovanni Nistri in Chisinau

A delegation of the Carabiners Army from Italy, leaded by Giovanni Nistri held a meeting with Alexandru Jizdan, the Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs, within the reform of the Carabiners Troops.

Within the meeting, the officials talked about the cooperation between the countries on this field, but also about the achievements registered after signing the Technical Agreement between DTC and AC from Italy.


The Minister of Internal Affairs thanked Giovanni Nistri for visiting our country. Jizdan mentioned the important role of the Mauro Conte, the Council of the Command.

Minister Jizdan spoke about the actions that took place within this subdivision in 2016 when the decision was made to keep the Carabineer Troop Department, and several objects were created to develop institutional capacities.

"The Carabinners of Italy is a loyal supporter of the reforms and a promoter of the interests of the Moldavian Carabinners within the European institutions. In 2016, when we made the decision to keep the Carabinners institution, we assumed great responsibility and those who show us now the road to their development and modernization, are you, the AC team, a hopeful companion", said the minister.

Giovanni Nistri reiterated the opening for the continuation of bilateral relations with the Moldovan carabinners institution, which will contribute to the increase of the security level not only in the country but also around the world, being able to participate in various international missions.

"The trust that you have in the Carrabinners troop is a form of gratitude for our good relationships. The challenges that exist today worldwide, such as crime, trafficking in human beings, illegal migration, and not only, lead to instability, and in order to prevent them, we need to develop the capabilities of the carabinners, which are more than the support of the police, are a military structure ready to intervene where necessary. You have all our willingness to provide support in this sense, added AC Commander Giovanni Nistri.

During the visit, the Italian delegation will hold several official meetings, including the Department of Carabineer Troops.

Carabineer Troop Reform was initiated in 2017 and, according to the Action Plan on Strategy Implementation, by 2020, DTC will be professionalized, and the restoration and assurance of public order, as well as other police duties, are to be taken over by carabineers who will be military contracted.

On October 25, 2018, the draft Law on the General Inspectorate for Carabineers was approved by the Parliament.

The law will give carabineers an extra task in terms of security and public order missions.


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