Car rental companies flourish during winter holidays

Citizens of Moldova who work or study abroad and decide to come home for holidays are making car rental business flourish. 

Eugenia Munteanu studies in Germany. The young woman claims to always use the service of such companies.

"I do not wish to always depend on my parents, therefore, for me, the best idea is to rent a car I can use to go visit my grandparents, or travel" client Eugenia Munteanu declared. 

Administrators of companies claims that winter holidays are their most busy season.

"Among the clients we have in this period there are many students, who come from abroad for two, three weeks. There are many people working abroad who come to visit their relatives. We have various international entertainers who come to participate in public and private events" director of a car rental company, Nicolae Usatîi explained.

Most companies offer the possibility to rent and pay online.

"The client can receive the car here, at the office, or at the airport. In case the client has a certain request, let us say more unusual or personal, we can deliver the car to any place in Republic of Moldova for an additional fee" director of a car rental company, Nicolae Usatîi said.

The rent of a car depends on its model.

For example, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class costs 120 euro per day. While a more cheaper variant can cost half this price. The price will daily drop by 5 euro, in case the car is rented for a longer period of time. 

More luxurious cars can cost even over 500 euro per day.

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