Capital's Zoo might get expanded and renovated

The Zoo from the Capital will renovated and expanded. A new plan elaborated by it's administration will be soon debated at the municipal Council.

The Zoo, at the moment takes up 10 hectares, while the administration wishes to make it 14.

According to the director, Alexei Hanţaniuc, all shelters for animal, birds an reptiles will be taken down. Moreover, the new field will have new cages for exotic animals.

"The zoo will have self-contained clean water. Even now we have the possibility, nearly for free, to bring here more animals - hippopotamuses, giraffes, but we lack the conditions to care for them" Zoo's director, Alexei Hanţaniuc explained.

Even citizens of the Capital welcome the idea to renew the Zoo.

For this project to come true are necessary at least 5 million euro, while the renovation works might take to 3 years.

Each year, the Zoo has over 270 000 visitors, while its annual profit is of 5 million lei.

At the moment, it has on display over 180 species of animals.

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