Capital will look better from now on. Gaps in the roads will be filled and streets washed

The Capital will look better from now on. Besides of filling the gaps, the works of the Communal-locative direction started to clean the city. Also, Exdrupo workers clean the sidewalks. According to the authorities, the cleaning process will last one week.

The general cleaning started early in the morning in all the Capital sectors. The workers cleaned the main streets and now they started to do the same with the other streets.

"We start working at six in the morning. We are brooming  and then the tractor takes all the trash."

The most difficult it is to clean the parking places.

"We wait until the driver removes his car and then we can start cleaning."

This year, the sanitation direction started working a couple of weeks earlier.

"It is very good that our city will be clean."

"It is very dirty in the city. They should wash all of the streets."

According to Ion Bordiumov, the chief of the communal-locative direction, last week, the workers finished to remove the snow out of the streets.

"375 persons work daily to evacuate the trash and clean the Capital streets", said Ion Bordiumov, the director of Locative-Communal direction.

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