Capital to host Week of Clean Water "Water - the Source of Life

Week of Clean Water "Water -  the Source of Life" will be held in the Capital. 

During the reference period, the local public administration authorities in Chisinau will carry out a series of actions regarding the improvement of the state of the sources and the improvement of the quality of the drinking water: inventory, arrangement, cleaning and disinfection of wells and springs. A provision to this effect was signed by Interim General Mayor, Ruslan Codreanu.

According to the provisions of the document, Heads of communes and villages in municipality together with the Chisinau Public Health Center, will organize laboratory tests of water quality from wells and springs and depending on the results, will take an attitude towards the improvement of these indicators or will prohibit the use of water from those sources. Activities to raise awareness of drinking water sources will also be organized.

Along with the representatives of the local public administration authorities, the economic agents, public organizations, as well as students from the municipal schools will be trained in the sanitation, arrangement and cleaning of the drinking water sources.

Information panels on the quality of drinking water from the source will be located at each well or spring.

Additionally, the draft of the municipal budget for 2019 provides for the allocation of financial resources for the "Public Fountains" section. 

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