Capital pubs ready to meet the football fans. What menu did they prepare

The administrators of the Capital pubs are ready to meet the football lovers.

They made a special menu for them. Also, they stored beer and alcohol.


A bakery from the Capital even organized a raffle. Thus, the ones who guess the score of the match will gain a cake shaped of a ball.

The cake will be prepared according to a France recipe.

"The cake will be made of natural products, chocolate, wiped cream, fruits. It will be decorated with our and France's flag."

Some of the visitors have already participated at the raffle.

"You can take a ticket and participate at our raffle. You just have to write the score of the match. We wish you good luck."

The results will be shown on Sunday.

The pubs are also ready for visitors tomorrow.

"We prepared chicken soup, meat, beer, wine. We will also make an after party", said Dumitru Munteanu, representative of a pub.

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