Capital bus terminals crowded like never before. People who celebrated Memorial Day in villages returned

After spending the Easter holidays in villages, the Capital's inhabitants return home. The Capital stations were very crowded.

"Many are today and tomorrow I think there will be many passengers."

At the North Bus Station, almost every traveler had his luggage packed. People say they have taken their supplies from the country for a week.

"Out of the country, like beeches, beaten, good, as they say, red eggs, grapes."

"Meat, candies, everything that we could have taken."

Towards the evening, the roads on the outskirts of the capital circled with difficulty. Due to too many machines, jams have formed on certain portions.

"We come from Soldanesti I celebrated with relatives."

"We come from the North, Balti. I was at the Memorial Day is a holy duty to the dead relatives."

More than 130 patrol crews have been taken to the roads where traffic jams have been formed.

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