Candu about mysterious phone calls that ACUM received. Did DPM called them or NO

Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament commented over Maia Sandu's declaration within a briefing. She said that an ACUM member was called and told to leave the party.

"I hope that this public invitation will reach ACUM leaders. I don't dare to call them, especially after yesterday Mrs.Maia Sandu declared that a colleague of hers was called and urged to leave ACUM and come to DPM.

I hope she won't say that Candu called her and urged to leave ACUM", declared Andrian Candu.


The Parliament speaker remarked the necessity of the parties of cooperate and make good things for the citizens.

"Of course it is a joke, but I think that all the politicians should understand: the ones who generate snap elections are responsible about a further crisis", said the official.

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