Candidates who will run for parliamentary elections start to be registered today

Starting today, the candidates for the elections start to register. The party lists of those who want to run at national level, will be submitted to the Central Electoral Commission, and the files of the candidates to run in the constituencies will be submitted to the 51 territorial electoral councils.

According to the CEC, the candidates will be registered by January 24.

"The procedure will be carried out in two stages: initially, the representative of the political party or the electoral bloc will be initially represented with the whole set of documents. Second procedure - when every candidate on the list comes and submits the declaration of consent to run" , said Alina Russu, president of CEC.

Also today, registration documents can be filed as a participant in the February referendum.

In the plebiscite, citizens will answer two questions: is they want to reduce the number of MPs from 101 to 61.

The second question concerns the possibility of withdrawing the mandates of the deputies who do not fulfill their commitments.

The CEC also delegated a representative of the institution that will participate at the International Election Symposium to be held between January 28 and 28 in the Republic of Ghana. That's because the Central Electoral Commission has been nominated for an international prize.

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