Cancer patients might be saved. National programme prepared by authorities

Many cancer patients might be saved from death. For the next nine years, the authorities have the objective to reduce the number of patients with 10% and to discover in advance with 25% more patients. The measures are provided in the National Programme of cancer control for 2016-2025.

According to Oncologic Institute, 25% of patients are discovered on stages three and four of the disease. The new programme foresees the implementation of screening campaigns for all types of cancer. This will allow the preventive discovery of the disease.

The country grants annually around 160 million lei for the therapy of cancer. Still, the amount is insufficient for treatment of all patients. But this is not an impediment for specialists to apply new methods of treatment.

Last year were discovered 9,391 cases of cancer, 500 cases more than in 2015. Totally, more than 48,000 Moldovans are suffering from various cancerous pathologies.

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