Canadian government: Recreational marijuana should come in plain packaging

Canada’s government should regulate the production of cannabis when it is legalized for recreational use and require plain packaging for such products, an official panel has recommended, in a potential setback to growers who hoped to build brands, informs The Guardian.

How cannabis is sold should be left up to the provinces and should include both retail storefronts and a mail order system, the report recommended. Authorities have been battling a surge in illegal dispensaries over the past year, particularly in Ontario and British Columbia.

Medical marijuana is already legal in Canada, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government made legalizing marijuana for recreational use a part of its successful election campaign last year and will introduce legislation in the spring of 2017.

Canada is following in the footsteps of some U.S. states that have already legalized recreational use, including Colorado and Washington. While Tuesday’s recommendations are not binding, the government said it will take them under consideration.

Still, the panel recommended that plain packaging be required, while restrictions to advertising should be put in place similar to those currently on tobacco products.


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