Canada supports Republic of Moldova efforts to strengthen democracy principles

Regardless the challenges of the sovereignty, independence and the territorial integrity that the Republic of Moldova had to face in the past 27 years, we managed to face the pressures. The conclusion belongs to the members of the Parliamentary Commission of the House of Communes for Foreign Affairs and International Development, that was made within the visit that Tudor Ulianovschi paid to Canada, between June 10 and 13.

Within the dialogue with the foreign partners, Tudor Ulianovschi talked about the reforms implemented in the Republic of Moldova, the Association Agreement and the national security issues that Moldova has to face with.

"These challenges have a regional character, which puts us in difficulty", said Tudor Ulianovschi.

In this context, Ulianovschi said that Canada appreciates the Republic of Moldova efforts. 

The Republic of Moldova and Canada signed an Agreement to promote the protection of the investments. The document was signed by Tudor Ulianovschi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and François-Philippe Champagne, the Canada Minister for International Commerce, in Ottawa.


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