Campaign "House full of Christmas": A family from Criuleni district receives gifts from Edelweiss

Santa does not come every year in Stratulat family from Izbiste village, Criuleni district.

But this year, thanks to Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation, the six children received a great surprise.

Santa's messengers brought them toys and a Christmas tree, which they decorated together.

The youngest of the family, Veniamin, is only seven months old, and the oldest, Elena, is 15. The children did not expect that this year Santa Claus will be this generous and remunerated his messengers with poetry.

The parents say that they don't have the possibility to give expensive gifts to children.

"Only the husband works and I receive from the state 960 lei. Approximately 2,500-3,000 lei. Depends where and what he works. Made the children the happiest because they brought them all what they wanted until now" said the mother Nadejda Stratulat.

The children did not wait and opened the gifts right away.

"Santa came for real. I received a backpack, a teddy bear, games for memory development, for making bracelets. I waited very much to receive these gifts."

"Very happy because today Santa came."

"I am very excited and happy. I received a backpack, a book with carols, winter poems. It was a big surprise."

The surprises of Edelweiss foundation do not end here.

"The objective of this campaign is to bring happiness, joy and gifts to our children. The winter holidays are the most beautiful ones, especially for children. Now we want to got to many socially vulnerable families and a few institutions" said the Edelweiss project coordinator Viorica Turcan.

The campaign "House full of Christmas" will be carried up during December, and over 300 children from many vulnerable families will receive gifts from the foundation.

Yearly, on the eve of winter holidays, Edelweiss is organizing social campaigns for the support of children from foster care or from families with small income.

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