Bustling in Chisinau railway station. Winter holidays bring back families together

Bustling in Chisinau railway station. Citizens of Moldova working abroad returned home last evening, to spend holidays with family. Nobody came empty-handed, but with luggages filled with gifts. Filled by emotions, people waited for their relatives on the railway platform.

"You are always emotional when waiting for a beloved one to return, you miss them. We spend holidays with everyone, maintaining the traditions" a woman said.

"Some close friends are coming over and we wait to spend Christmas and New Years together.

-Are you excited, have you not seen them in a while?

-Of course" another woman said.

Others waited for parcels sent by their relatives from abroad.

"We are waiting for a parcel. They sent gifts for their parents, children and nephews" a woman said.

People claim that they come back to spend holidays with family, because they miss everyone dearly.

"I am filled with emotions, as I miss my children.

-Will you spend together winter holidays?

-Of course, as any other parent" a mother declared.

"Yes, we celebrate together, we gathered from all over. We have many parcels and bags. Of course it is emotional when we see each other again.

-Do you always come home for holidays?

-We try, sometimes we can come, other times we cannot" a woman said.

To deal with the large influx of passengers, during this period, an additional train is going Moscow- Chisinau.

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