Business support centers created to develop Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in southern region of Moldova

Six business support centers to assist the creation and development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) will be opened in the southern region of the country. The action takes place under a project financially supported by the EU to strengthen public-private partnerships in achieving the sustainable development objective of communities and regions.

According to a press release of the South Regional Development Agency quoted by IPN, the project has a duration of two and a half years and tends to contribute to the social and economic development of Moldova through the involvement of civil society and other parties, taking into account the provisions of the Agreement Association with the EU, which includes the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

Centers would provide an entrepreneurial and learning environment, business management assistance, training, access to funding services, and technical support services.

Through their work, the centers will support the acceleration of business and will contribute to economic growth, the welfare of citizens and communities.

The amount of grants available to create support centers is 360,000 euros. The amount allocated per project will not exceed 60 thousand euros. Grants will be provided in quarterly installments depending on the progress achieved in project implementation.
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