Business forum in Chisinau: Discussions on private equity with international experts

About 500 hundred businessmen eager to discuss the private equity with Moldovan officials of the Ministry of Economy and representatives of major companies from Moldova with international experts in economics, they met at the conference "Entrepreneurs Moldova, Moldavian Private Equity" organized by the Business Association of Moldova (AOAM). The event took place in the framework of the fourth edition of the Forum "Moldova Business Week".

AOAM general manager, Andrei Crigan welcomed numerous businessmen at the event, highlighting their interest in the topics proposed for discussion.

"I'm glad we have a large audience. That means strong interest in the issue, and - I dare to presume -trust towards AOAM as a good representative of entrepreneurs in the country" , said the general manager of AOAM.

The situation and the Moldovan private capital and the necessary measures for the development of capital, both topics being discussed with great interest by the participants at this event.

On this occasion, AOAM presented an interesting study about the situation of economic capital locally compared to companies with foreign capital and the evolution of their turnover, number of employees, labor productivity, exports, statistics and precise data for each development area the country.

The data of this study have sparked fears related discussions on the involvement of the private Moldovan capital.

The last part of the meeting organized by AOAM was dedicated to a Master-class for exporters, supported by Martins Tiknuss, international expert in export promotion, GatewayBaltic partner.

During the conference, participants took part in a survey in which questions were aimed at the current situation of the companies, future strategies, involvement of authorities and business prospects.

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