Business environment betterment, tabled by Parliament President and economic agents in northern Moldova

Development projects and proposals to improve business environment has been tabled by Parliament President Andrian Candu and leadership of Sângerei, Fălești and Telenești as well as economic agents from the three districts.  Andrian Candu today made a working visit to Sângerei.

The talks aimed at facilitating the access of economic agents to European funds to ensure economic growth, infrastructure and agriculture development. The discussion also covered policies to encourage the business environment from the state, social projects to encourage young people to remain in the Republic of Moldova, agriculture subsidizing mechanisms .

Among the problems reported by the economic agents in the north of the country are those related to irrigation of agricultural land, the single tax in agriculture, issues related to the business environment.

"Considerable efforts are being made to initiate new business projects. The economically big problem is the lack of qualified specialists. Discussions will help us to identify the best solutions, " the President of Parliament said.

In Sângerei, Andrian Candu visited the Business Incubator, where over 300 jobs are created and the turnover is steadily increasing. Several successful business stories from the bakery, textile, dental and service sectors have been presented.

According to the Parliament's Rules of Procedure, Monday is the day of citizens' audience and working visit day. 

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