Bus terminals file: Four suspects detained. Illegally affairs of some chiefs can cost them years behind bars

Strange business affairs can cost them years behind bars. Four suspects within the bus terminals file will be imprisoned today. The former and the actual chiefs of the bus terminals will be arrested for 20 or 30 days. The decision was announced by the Chisinau Court.

The magistrates also decided that one of the suspects will be under home arrest. Among the detained there is Alexandru Ilies who was the chief of Causeni bus terminal for 10 years.

The suspect says that he has nothing to do with the file.

"-What are you waiting for?
-I want to go home. I am not guilty", mentioned Alexandru Ilies, suspect.

The other suspects run away from the journalists.

Altogether, 27 persons are involved in this case. Two of the suspects are searched. The suspects were collecting money form the national and international course drivers. The money were given for helping them escape any controls. The intermediaries were the cashiers.

Ten suspects were detained after the investigation organized this week by the prosecutors in the bus terminals from eight districts. Also, it has been proven that the employees of the bus terminals were illegaly collecting money for the storage of the luggage.

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