Bus terminal from Orhei renovated

Travelers from Orhei will enjoy better conditions. The city's bus terminal was renovated, the works costing around 3.3 million lei.

The institution was originally build four decades ago, therefore repair works were necessary. Communication networks were changed, the building was connected to heating, while the platform rebuild.

All expenses were covered by the Railway and Bus Stations State Enterprise.

"Everything was repaired, starting from the roof and to the flooring" administrator of the Railway and Bus Stations State Enterprise, Ștefan Vieru said.

Travelers are pleased with the results. Now, people no long need to freeze while waiting.

"Such conditions lacked in the past."

"They have done everything very well. It is warm and you can sit in the waiting zone."

"It is amazing. People wait in warmth. Well done."

In order to be convinced of the work's quality, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, paid a visit to Orhei.

"For us it is very important for people to have good conditions, because during winter, or when it rains, they must stay in warm places" Chiril Gaburici said.

The official was satisfied with the results, but declared that he would have like it if there were more travelers.

"-There is only one waiting zone?


-How many passengers you have each day?

-Around two thousand people.

-And is it enough for them?

-Not many stay. Most are in transit."

In the past 3 years, 16 of the 28 bus terminals from Moldova were renovated. For this was spend nearly 20 million lei.

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