Budget for road rehabilitation to be raised in 2018. External financiers worry slow progress

State budget for the reconstruction and road repair will increase considerably in 2018. Both national roads and local roads will be rehabilitated, which will ensure the rural connection.

Around 400 million EUR from external sources is available right now. 

Likewise, contribution from Road Fund will be significantly raised. 

"At present, we have almost 300 million euros of funding from EBRD and the EIB alone. Another 80 million dollars is signed by the World Bank for the development of local or regional infrastructure between communes or localities, "said Economy and Infrastructure Minister Octavian Calmic .

The Minister of Economy also noted that external financiers are worried about the pace of implementation of road rehabilitation projects.

The authorities want to find solutions to work effectiveness and find reason why the contracts with some companies have been terminated. 

This year, nearly 100 million euros was spent on repairing 200 km of national, regional, local and communal roads.

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