Budget for 2019. How much money will be allocated for education

The costs for the social protection will raise by 30% in 2019. The ones for the environment protection will raise by 50%.

The Government approved this for the state budget of 2019. The biggest amount of money was allocated for education: 10,6 billion and four other billion for health.


The public order and the national security will take 4,7 billion lei from the state budget, while the culture, sport and youth over 760 million.

Over 620 lei will be allocated for defense. 

The Government says over one billion lei will be indexed by the state budget from the fees paid by the drivers.

The repair fund of the public roads is 950 thousand lei.


Also, we will receive 1,6 billion lei from EBRD and BEI. Other 150 billion lei will come from the World Bank.


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