Broken promises by Sandu's Government: The governing program was made for only half year

Sandu's Government activity program was made public two weeks after investment. It will last half year, while a governation program it's made, usually, for the entire mandate period, for four years. More than that, a big part of the promises in the public document on the executive's site were breaked by the Sandu-Dodon coalition even in the first days of the new Government's investment.

Asked why the program was made only for half year and made public with a two-weeks delay from the Parliament's vote of trust, Maia Sandu, apparently disturbed by the question, gave an elusive answer.

'From the moment when we will realize this governing program, I hope sooner than a year, we will continue with the reforms. -Why it was made public only yesterday? 

-Talk to the MPs', said the PM, Maia Sandu.

The Sandu Government was voted on June, 8. The investment procedure lasted only a few minutes. Maia Sandu read out a sumary of the 20 pages of the governing program that was approved without any questions from the MPs.

This way, Sandu Government guarantees that the Republic of Moldova will remain a sovereign, independent, unite and indivisible state. It's not clear how this provision will be kept, because of the alliance's partner, formal PSRM leader, Igor Dodon, which is the state president, is openly promoting Russia's interests and the federalization plan of the Republic of Moldova. Also, the executive voted by the Kozak coalition is claiming about the continuation of the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, even though the Socialists, led by Dodon, always were promoting the joining to the Euroasiatic Union.

The Sandu Government MPs are vowing about putting the state institutions in the people's service. This promise also seems to remain only on paper, because from the first days of the Sandu-Dodon activity, the state institutions go to the governing people's relatives service. As example, Gheorghe Balan, Andrei Nastase's godson, the new Internal Affairs Minister, was named into the IGP chief function. Only after the press and conationals criticized this decision, Nastase announced that he will organize a public contest for this position.

Another so-called purpose of the Kozak coalition is to release the state from captivity and it's institutions independence consolidation, especially in the judiciary sector. But the promise is contradictory with the actions and decisions made with the speed of light in the last two weeks by the PSRM and ACUM exponents that are obsessed with functions and want to introduce the political control in all the state institutions. More than that, there is no common sense between the coalition Sandu-Dodon which provides the naming a foreign prosecutor, how Maia Sandu wants. While the state chief, Igor Dodon, clearly said that the General Prosecutor must be a Moldovan citizen. According to the law, the final decision must be made by the state president.
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