Brochure with tips and advice for new parents to be published in Chisinau

It is hard to be a parent for the first time. For this purpose, the Public Welfare Center from Chisinau decided to extend a helping hand to new parents, launching a guide with basic rules in rising a child that can be downloaded on their official website.

This brochure advises parents in various situations, such as when the child gets sick, but also the proper food that should be given to them. The guide can be of great help even to those who are already preparing their kids for kindergarten, having tips on choosing the right preschools.

In order to make this guide as useful as they could, the Public Welfare Center took the first 100 examples from actual parents, promising to organize training programs for them.

"Active members of the "Grupul Părinților Solidari" ("Solitary Parents Group"), along with other parents, from all five sectors of Chisinau will be taught so that they can, in their turn, pass on the information" Chief of Medicine from the Public Welfare Center, Luminița Suveică said.

While the Ministry of Education is ready to step in at any moment, when the parents will complain about the conditions at their chosen preschool.

"Unfortunately we indeed have many institutions where the employees have to be taught, in the first place, on how to work with parents. It will allow us in the future to instruct the teachers, in order for them to work more efficiently" chief of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Alexandru Fleaș declared.

Many mothers are happy to gain the chance to look for an opinion, other than their friends, when they will not know what to do.

"Mothers, especially those with their first child, need a guide, since they always panic whenever something goes wrong, lacking the experience".

"When it comes to health we always look for advice from our general practitioner or pediatrician, but when it comes to education, we have to listen to our relatives, or search for answers on the internet".

"I usually use the internet, my friends, or those who have experience when it comes to information regarding rising a child. Google always helps me. Internet is neither a good nor a bad source of information, as what matters is what you do with it".

The Public Welfare Center of Chisinau aims to publish over 10 thousands of such guides and spread them in kindergartens, hospitals and public institutions from the Capital. The brochure costs 30 lei and for its manufacturing  The Public Welfare Center of Chisinau seeks help from the local authorities and the Parents.



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