Bright future awaits Damașcan brothers

The duel between Damașcan brothers from the National Division is a special one.

Ilie, the eldest, is playing for FC Zimbru Chișinău, while the family's middle child, Vitalie for their arch rivals FC Sheriff Tiraspol.

The two faced each other in two matches within the national championship, FC Sheriff Tiraspol having won with 1-0 and 2-1.

Vitalie Damașcan scored two goals against his old team.

"As we are rivals on the field we try to concentrate more on the game, we do not think of the fact that we are brothers" Vitalie Damașcan said.

Damașcan brothers begun their career in Soroca, but it was FC Zimbru Chișinău which became their first steps in professional football. Ilie and Vitalie played together in the second team, as well as a few matches at the first formation.

"It was special when we were on the same team, when we played together. I felt his trust when he was near. My brother supported me very much, whenever I made a mistake he was the first to point it out and would share his opinion regarding how it would be best, which I gladly followed and respected" Vitalie Damașcan said.

The player from FC Sheriff Tiraspol hopes to gain the chance to once again play with his brother for a foreign team.

"Everything is possible. My brother has talent, perspectives and a future. I hope we reach somewhere together" Vitalie Damașcan said.

FC Sheriff Tiraspol will come back from its break on 25th January. They will have two matches in Turkey.

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