Bridge that connects Gura Bâcului and Bâcioc villages will be reopened soon

The bridge on Nistru river, that connects the Gura Bicului and Bacioc village is functional, but it requires a reparation. The experts of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure have been there today. According to the experts, for the first period there will be required 100 thousand euros, that will be attracted from external funds.

”First period involves the clearance of the road, as ten year nobody stepped here, many trees and bushes raised.We will arrange the bridge, repair the rechaud will paint the parapet”, said Radu Rogovei, the department chief of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

The representatives of the public administration from Tiraspol and the members of the Commission for Unification and Control have been at the place too.

”This thing will make the circulation on the bridge of the economy agents, from Transnistria and Moldova easier. The bridge was built for an easier circulation from both shores of Nistru”, said Andrei Medvedev, the spokesman of Tiraspol authorities.

”The officers that make the military service on the post close to the bridge will have an easier job, as the transportation ways will circulate on the bridge”, said Eduard Bumbac, member of CUC.

On this bridge there will be installed circulation signs. The authorities have ten days to install them. Thus, the circulation on the bridge will return after a 25 year pause.

The citizens who leave in the nearby can't wait for the bridge to be reopened. Valentina Gabura lives for her whole life in the Gura Bacului village, but she has relatives in Bacioc.

''We use the bicycle as a transportation way. Or people leave the cars near the bridge. Now it will be easier'', said Valentina Gabura, the citizen of Gura Bacului village.

The woman remembers the horrible events from 1992, when the bridge was destroyed.

''They were shouting then, in the nearby of my house a house was on fire. The slate from my house was destroyed by the bullets'', said Valentina Gabura.

Another citizen of the village, Nadejda Osipov says the opening of the bridge can offer the possibility to sell the vegetables from their gardens. They can make some money this way.

''We don't have a way to sell our products. Chisinau is too far'', said Nadejda Osipov, citizen of Gura Bicului village.

Also, after the reopening of the bridge, the citizens hope they will save time while going from a place to another.

The bridge that connects Gura Bicului and Bacioc village was destroyed within the War from Nistru, in 1922. Even if it was repaired at the beginning of 2000, the traffic couldn't be reopened. Previously, the European Union's delegation in Chisinau approved the decision of reopening the bridge.

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