Bribery file of magistrates: Victoria Hadirca and Stevlana Tizu will be placed in home arrest

Svetlana Tizu and Victoria Hadirca magistrates who were detained within a bribery case will be placed in home arrest. Balti Court of Appeal took this decision at the request of the lawyers.

On Tuesday, Vadim Scarlat's request was rejected. He was placed in preventive arrest for 30 days.

Liubovi Branza magistrate also remained in prison, while Ludmila Ous was placed in home arrest.


Galina Moscaliciuc didn't make any requests to the Court of Appeal.

Totally, within this file, 10 persons have been detained. It is about two magistrates of Chisinau Court, three of the Court of Appeal and a judicial assistant.

The were blamed of taking bribery of big proportions.

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