Brexit could break up more than a political union, it could break up families

Brexit could break up more than a political union – it could break up families, according to Euronews

While Theresa May´s government remains in turmoil after the shock general election result, her Brexit plans officially remain unchanged. When speaking at the EU Summit in Brussels, May promised fellow leaders that EU citizens who have lived in the UK for more than five years will have the right to stay once the country has withdrawn from the union.

In the scenario that EU nationals will have to undergo similar visa applications as non-EEA residents, May´s laborious and costly immigration protocols could make it considerably harder for families to stay together. Britons with EU partners have required no visas for living together in the UK, or in any EU country, thanks to the EU freedom of movement policy. However, Britons in relationships with partners from outside of Europe face considerable challenges in securing permits to live together in the UK. It has led some UK citizens to leave the country, and now their future is unclear.
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