Breaches reported around local ballots

Promo-LEX's parallel count of votes coincides with the preliminary results announced by the CEC. Representatives of the association have announced that in some cases, however, there is a difference of several votes, but technical errors are not excluded. However, some more serious deviations have been recorded.

According to observers, in 11 polling stations the police were not present to ensure the safe transport of ticket votes to district councils.

In eight other cases, foreigners assisted in counting votes, and in 99 ticket votes were calculated by a larger number of people.

Similarly, 21 technical errors records were reported. 

"All of our findings during the electoral campaign does not mean that 100% of the election process was correct. The role of the court has already been appreciated," said Promo-LEX program director Pavel Postică.

Serious irregularities were recorded in Jora de Mijloc, Orhei district.

"According to the Promo-LEX findings in Jora de Mijloc during the electoral campaign, the spending ceiling allowed by the legislation was exceeded. As a result, this electoral contestant with a fairly high score won the ballot," said Promo-LEX program director, Pavel Postică.

In the locality, ȘOR candidate Marina Tauber came out of the first round with over 61 percent of the vote.

On the day of the election, a car and a minibus with the party logo were carrying voters.

At the same time, two people entered the polling station, presenting themselves as the representatives of an electoral contestant, although they did not have the identity cards.

The process was interrupted for ten minutes to clarify the situation.

Promo-LEX Association deployed 375 observers in polling stations.

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