BRD and MCP to jointly promote Moldova as destination of tourists, IT, prestigious wine-producing country

Promoting Moldova internationally as a destination of tourists, IT, a wine-producing country is the purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding signed today between the Diaspora Relations Office (BRD) within the Chancellery of State and Competitiveness Project of Moldova (MCP), supported by USAID and the Government of Sweden

The document was signed by BRD chief Olga Coptu and MCP director Doina Nistor.

The Director of the Competitiveness Project, Doina Nistor, mentioned the potential of diaspora Moldovans to help support local businesses by initiating wine exports or clothing products produced in Moldova under the umbrella of the DININIMA brand.

BRD head Olga Coptu expressed in speed her gratitude for the MCP initiative to sign the Memorandum and involve the diaspora in promoting Moldova abroad as a tourist destination.

In this context, Olga Coptu mentioned that tourism workshops will be organized during the Diaspora Days in Moldova, and recently BRD also developed an action plan for the development of nostalgic tourism, which includes activities with the direct involvement of the diaspora in the promotion of our country.

Additionally, the BRD chief noted some common actions that BRD is doing in partnership with the MCP, including the National Campaign Be Our Guest, where the diaspora returning home on Easter Holidays received promotional brochures that contain coupons with discounts for DININIMA sales as well as visits to some rural guesthouses and wineries in the country.

The parties will work together to develop and strengthen relations with the diaspora associations registered abroad to promote the international tourism potential of Moldova.

They will also contribute to attracting investments in the tourism sector by the Moldovan diaspora. Members of the diaspora of Moldova will be encouraged to invest in building new tourist facilities or rehabilitating the current ones according to international standard. 

Through joint actions, BRD and MCP will encourage the development of various forms of tourism that could be of interest to the Moldovan diaspora, namely: rural tourism, religious tourism, business tourism, nostalgic tourism, medical tourism, spa tourism, cultural tourism etc .

The Memorandum also stipulates that various promotional materials (brochures about the tourist attractions, cultural and tourist events held in the Republic of Moldova, advertising spots, etc.) to be distributed and subsequently distributed in the diaspora will be developed and published jointly.

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