Boutique from Capital robbed and set on fire. Thieves stole nearly 34 000 lei (Video)

A boutique from N.Dimo Street of the Capital was robbed and set on fire. Law enforcement have caught the criminals and took them to the inspectorate for questionings.

According to the police, the suspects are two men, of 22 and 32 and a woman of 36, all natives of Chisinau.

It was established that the boutique selling cosmetics and chemicals was set on fire on purpose.

The suspects confessed, declaring that they broke into it and stole 33 600 lei, afterward setting it on fire to hide any evidence. It caused a damage of 107 300 lei to the owner.

Law enforcement are investigating the case for theft. The suspects risk a fine from 32 500 lei to 67 500 lei, 180 to 240 hours of unpaid community work, or to 4 years of imprisonment.

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