Botanica car thieves, detained by police. How they acted and what punishment they risk

A 43 years old man and two 17 years olds from Ungheni and Calarasi district were detained by the police, being suspected of several cars theft in the capital.

The investigation has shown that suspects, previously judged for similar crimes, acted at night.

They were breaking the windows of cars, then stealing mobile phones, car cassettes, and then disappearing with a car.

At the hearings, the suspects acknowledged their guilt. They also said that the stolen things were sold to a trusted man on the second-hand market in the capital.

Following police searches, police picked up several mobile phones, car cassettes, and other material goods, the "seller" of which the vendor could not prove.

All three are criminally prosecuted for theft. They risk a fine from 32,500 lei to 67,000 lei, unpaid community work from 180 to 240 hours or up to 4 years imprisonment.

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