Borman remains under arrest. His lawyer argued in vain

Oleg Pruteanu, alias Borman, leader of criminal group, accused of drug trafficking at international level from Europe to Russia, remains under arrest. The court rejects his appeals for release. 

"The arrest warrant was challenged for the simple reason that the prosecutors did not present any evidence that would confirm the connection between Pruteanu and the criminal group" said lawyer Ion Vazdoaga.

The arguments of the defense seem not to convince the judges, who have left the decision of the first instance that Oleg Pruteanu was placed in custody.  

Prosecutors argue that they have evidence that the group led by Oleg Pruteanu had illegally imported more than 650 kg of drugs from Europe into Russia and obtained a profit of over one million euros.

Oleg Pruteanu, together with three members of his scheme, were detained earlier this month in Chisinau.

Oleg Pruteanu was previously convicted of banditism. The group led by him was also involved in the murder of Alexei Veretca, alias "Krasavcik", shot five years ago, in a place near Orhei.

They risk up to 30 years of jail.

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