Border police learn English supported by US partners

The language study room of the Center for Excellence in Border Security was designed and equipped with computer, office and teaching materials. Its endowment was carried out with the support of US partners in a project to assist in developing the language skills of future border police.

CESF Director Sergiu Lazar thanked development partners for the consistent support of the young generation of the Border Police and opening up to bilateral co-operation in enhancing English language communication capabilities.

Similarly, the US delegation appreciated the seriousness of the Border Police officers in implementing various institutional development projects and programs.

The agenda of the visit was completed with a review of the collaboration plan for the current year, where the titles of training courses in the fields of risk analysis, migration, trafficking in human beings, documentary frauds, etc. were mentioned.

Also, the guests have a close knowledge of the state of the classrooms, the subjects taught, moreover, they get chance to discuss with the students and teachers as well as appreciate the usefulness of the technologies donated to the educational institution.

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