Border police involved in charitable donations for families with vulnerabilities

Border Police is getting involved in charity donations.

Employees of the NORD regional direction were the first border guards who have accepted the challenge to create an celebration atmosphere in many families with vulnerabilities and special needs.

Those who need help and support have received toys, clothing, food and hygiene products. 

After the employees of SPF Larga found out the life story of an old man in the village, they decided to help him with the improvement of sanitation and land arrangement around his house, cooking dishes and wood supply for the winter. 

The border guard, Smochin Alexandru has also visited him, who reached the respectable age of 94-year-old.

Fun activities were prepared by border guards of the Tocuz village for children in Ucrainca village.

Similarly, SPF's dog, Tocuz Rait, attracted attention with various small demonstration of catching the deliquents.

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