Border police identify more offenses caused by Moldovan citizens

Two Moldovan citizens tried to illegally introduce tobacco products into Romania, more than 16,000 smuggled cigarettes were discovered at the Albiţa border control.

Accordingly, the Moldovans hid tobacco products in special places: the rear bar, the board of a car and in personal luggage.

All cigarettes worth 3,680 lei and a car Volkswagen brand, worth 25,500 lei were confiscated. 

They were sanctioned a fine amounting to 15,000 lei.

At the same border crossing point, the police discovered three false ID cards, which three Moldovan citizens bought in exchange for different amounts of money, in order to find more easy job in Germany. The offenders had to pay fine of 150 EUR and 500 EUR.

Also, Berezeni border police identified goods without documents worth 5,269 lei.

For the goods transported without documents, the two suspects were sanctioned with fines amounting to 1,500 lei and the goods were confiscated.

Border police officers are carrying out investigations.

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