Border police celebrate 26 years since establishment. Congratulatory messages from Fredolin Lecari

Border police celebrate today 26 years since the establishment of the institution. On this occasion, more than 200 employees laid flowers at the monument of Stephen the Great in the city center.

The Border Police Board sent a congratulatory message to the employees of the institution. Fredolin Lecari thanked his colleagues for ensuring peace at the border.

"In each policeman's career, the professional day means an opportunity to reunite us, to congratulate us for the work they have done so far. A border policeman is a professional security officer at the state frontier,"said Fredolin Lecari, head of the Border Police General Inspectorate.

In 1992, the Border Police Department was established through the president's decree, the professional staff day of the institution was marked on June 10. Currently, 3200 border police officers are active in Moldova.



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