Border incidents over the past week

For the past week the following illegal acts were registered at borders:

- 46 people attempted to illegally cross the border;

- 3 people attempted to cross using forged documents;

- 3 drivers documented for illegal movement of goods and people;

- 20 foreign citizen have overstayed in Republic of Moldova;

- 4 attempts of smuggling;

- 1 driver breached the traffic law.

As a result, 69 cases were opened, where a total of 61 600 lei were applied as fines, out of which 14 150 lei were already cashed in.

During last week, 40 foreign citizens, as well as 52 vehicles were refused entry into Republic of Moldova. At the same time, citizens of Moldova were refused entry into Russia and another 5 into European Union. Two citizens of Moldova were also deported from European Union.

At the same time, 287 143 people have crossed the border, among whom 149 853 have left Republic of Moldova. The number of vehicles that crossed the borders amounts to 74 553, most having foreign registration plates - 37 553 vehicles.

Most popular crossing points were:

Leușeni – 44 932 people crossed the border,
Otaci – 37 294 people crossed the border,
Chisinau International Airport - 38 855 people crossed the border,
Sculeni – 35 668 people crossed the border,
Giurgiulești-Galați - 22 521 people crossed the border,
Criva – 18 768 people crossed the border.

In order to ease traffic, Custom Services urge citizens to use all crossing points and not favor one above the other. At the same time, before heading out, use the ”TRAFIC ONLINE” application offered on the Custom Services official web page to see the real time situation at borders for all types of vehicles.

One you arrive at a crossing points, show understanding, discipline and patience, taking into consideration all laws for entering another state.

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