Border incidenst for past week

During 13 - 19 November 2017, following illegal acts were registered at borders:

- 0 attempts to illegal cross the border;

- 38 people who breached the border and customs law;

- 37 people have used incorrectly car stickers;

- 8 people presented false documents;

- 16 foreign citizens have overstayed in Republic of Moldova; 

- 2 attempts to smuggle goods;

- 2 breaches regarding persons and goods transportation law;

- 1 person investigated for breaching the traffic law.

During the week, 46 foreign citizens and 146 vehicles were denied entrance in Republic of Moldova. At the same time, 4 citizens of Moldova were deported to Russia and one to European Union.

Border Police has presented the following statistics: 144 criminal files opened, with fines amounting to 173 600 lei, out of which 81 450 lei were already paid.

Border police have met with their foreign colleagues three times, to exchange information regarding the registered breaches.

During the week, 284 052 people have crossed the border, out of which 173 459 were citizens of Republic of Moldova. 75 754  vehicles have passed, out of which 39 310 had Moldova's registration plates. The most popular crossing points were those with Romania, where 131 697 people and 48 112 vehicles have crossed.

In order to ease traffic, Custom Services urge citizens to use all crossing points and not favor one above the other. At the same time, before heading out, use the ”TRAFIC ONLINE” application offered on the Custom Services official web page to see the real time situation at borders for all types of vehicles.

Once you arrive at a crossing points, show understanding, discipline and patience, taking into consideration all laws for entering another state.

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