Border condition in past 24 hours: Seven foreign citizens violated border crossing regime

As a result of the state border surveillance and control activities, preventing and combating illegal migration and cross-border crime, Border Police officers have registered the following illegal actions within 24 hours:
- one illegal crossing of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border;
- seven people have violated the border and border crossing regime;
-three attempts to cross the border illegally;
- two falsified documents detected at border control;
- seven citizens have exceeded the term of residence on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
- a violation of the rules for the transportation and operation of vehicles;
- four people in conflict with the law and a means of transport have been detained as a result of the exchange of information with national law enforcement authorities.

At the crossing points, the flow of persons constituted 55,950 crossings, out of which a higher number of passages - 28,966 were registered in the exit direction from the Republic of Moldova. Likewise, out of the total number of crossings, 31 461 were Moldovan citizens. The traffic of transport units showed a value of 13,369 crossings.

The most transit points were:
PTF Chisinau International Airport - 5 029 persons crossings,
PTF Leuşeni - 7 448 people crossings,
PTF Otaci - 4 686 people crossings,
PTF Sculeni - 4 708 persons crossings,
PTF Giurgiulesti-Galati - 3 189 persons crossings,
PTF Cahul - 2 115 people crossings,
PTF Criva - 1 984 people crossings,
PTF Costeşti - 1 788 people crossings,
PTF Palanca - 1 532 people crossings,

At present, all border crossing points operate normally, with no high traffic values.

In order to support the participants in cross-border traffic, the Border Police recommends:
- verification of the validity and status of the travel document on which the state border crosses.
- to cross all existing border crossing points in order not only to overload some of them, and to avoid the formation of rows at the crossing points.
- Tracking the TRAFIC ONLINE application on the official Border Police website, which shows the average waiting times at border crossings (road) for cars.
- manifestation of understanding, patience and discipline, taking into account the rules of finding and crossing the state border.

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