Booth managers defiant to removal decision amid their alleged scandalous activities

Administrators of mobile booths who sell dairy and meat products are defiant with authority's decision to ban their activities. 

Talking to reporter, sellers worry terribly about remaining jobless while buyers claim it's a real bargain to buy products at booths. 

"People start working. They should be helped to work efficiently, to remain in country. They might conduct business differently, they might make mistakes. Everything can be resolved", said a seller. 

The booths installed under temporary authorities may be removed anytime. 

"They remain here until removal and replacement arrangement can be signed. I'm working in this service for over ten years. All clients are satisfied, none of them had problems". 

Administrator added that mayor should join their discussion. 

"Mr Mayor should come to listen to us, to notify us at least a week. It's not right to make decision on the threshold of holiday and we should remove it tomorrow. He doesn't know our problems and how hard to conduct business in Moldova", said Mihai Istrati, an administrator. 

Lots of Chisinau locals still opt to buy products at these booths. 

"I don't think they should be removed if they're arranged neatly. They have reasonable prices here", said a local. 

On Monday, Chisinau Interim Mayor Ruslan Codreanu was disgruntled with the fact that some of booths were illegally connected with electricity and some lacked ANSA authorization. 

Deputy Head of Buiucani sector, Vadim Brînzaniuc pledged to remove all booths within sector by the end of this week. 

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