Boosted sales over winter holidays. More income for companies from Moldova

During winter holidays sales for wine and pastry jumped, bringing more income for manufacturers.

Some companies experienced a growth in sales of close to 45% compared to other months of the year. More people even favored living Christmas trees to artificial ones. 

In Moldova, wine has its own place on the holiday table, causing it to be in demand. The biggest wine company from the country managed to sell over one million bottles, or with 20% more than on ordinary days.

The company's data also shows that 30% less bottles were sold than last year.

"People prefer dessert wine. It is a tradition for us, but there are also those who chose natural wine. We notice that this year, there have been an increase in sales of natural wines" PR manager of a winery, Rodica Căruntu said.

Even bakeries have experienced raised sales. The biggest company from Moldova has sold in total 290 tons of goods, or by 45% more than in previous months.

"During winter holidays, we manufactured over 140 tons of cakes and over 100 tons of pastries, such as: cookies, gingerbread. We have also sold over 35 tons of traditional Christmas pastries" sales director of the bakery, Ana Petrov said.

The stars of the holiday, the Christmas trees, was also in demand. This year, Moldsilva agency has offered for sale 56 000 trees, from which 15 000 were sold. The number being by nearly 500 more than last year. Sales have also grown for the company from Străşeni, who managed to sell by 3 000 more trees.

"We put on sale around 20 000 trees, but managed to sell less than 3 000. Most sought were those of 1, 2.5 and 3 meters" deputy head of the company from Străşeni, Alexandru Paduratie said.

This year, the average price of a Christmas tree was of 60 lei.

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