Book 'Good Manners' of protocol expert Oreste Tărâţă launched at National Library

Oreste Tărâţă, an expert in protocol and writing has launched a new book Good Manners which can offer readers useful instruction on appropriate conduct in public places. 

The book launch took place at the National Library with participation of students, teachers and the writer's colleagues. 

For two years, author Oreste Tărâţă has accumulated information to conclude the most basic rules of good manners. Thus, the book abounds with simple and practical tips such as greetings at home and abroad, using the phone and writing messages, the art of conversation, how to behave at school, at the table, but also how to dress in the church or in a festive event.

"The book can give you good advice how to teach your son or how to let your children follow your advice", explained the book author, Oreste Tărâţă.

The children were enthusiastic about the presentation of the book and said they had a great interest in reading it.

"The book is really useful because so many people have lack of good manners, which lead to misunderstanding among people".

"I'm really interested in this book, I wish I have read this book before".

"I need to buy this book right now. Everyone has to learn how to respect and behave nicely". 

The book author said he decided to write that book because few people pay attention on their behaviors. 

The colleagues of the author congratulated him and said that such a book would be good for everyone.

"In the era of technology, we really need the attention on affection. His book is truly compendium of rules that encourage human sensitivity", said a Romanian language and literature teacher, Olesea Urâtu.

The book author, Oreste Tarita, was born in 1952 in Hâjdieni village, Glodeni district. He is an expert on Ceremonial Protocol and Label, but also a PhD in Political Science. The book costs 120 lei and can be bought in some bookshops in the capital.

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