Bomb disposal teams defused 12 explosives around Moldova since the beginning of 2018

The Army has disposed of 12 explosives in the first two months of 2018, in Anenii Noi, Criuleni, Străşeni, Ştefan Vodă and Teleneşti district, as well as in Chisinau.

Soldiers were send on 13 missions, where hand grenades, artillery and minenwerfers were destroyed. All items dated back to the Second World War.

Bomb disposal team was called in Marianca de Jos village, Ştefan Vodă district, where three explosives were found during coppicing. The ammunition -  76 mm artillery and 2 minenwerfers  were destroyed under maximum security.

Another mission took place in February in Bubuieci commune, Chisinau, where the bomb disposal team defused a 76 mm artillery found by locals during some agriculture works.


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