Bolshoi Ballet stages Mieczyslaw Weinberg's opera "The Idiot" (VIDEO)

Moscow’s famous Bolshoi Ballet is staging ‘The Idiot’ which is based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel, Euronews informs.

The opera was written by Mieczysław Weinberg a Polish composer of Jewish origin who lost most of his family in the Holocaust.

The well-known story centres on the 19th century impoverished Russian aristocrat Prince Myshkin, misunderstood and outcast from society.

Bigdan Volkov alternates in the lead role with Stinislav Mostovoy.

“Every person is a pure child inside in a good sense. Everyone can feel the same kind of alliance with him, as I do – so Prince Myshkin is just a simple person, the most ordinary person without any supernatural features,” explained the tenor.

Many critics compared the character of the prince with Jesus Christ, pointing out his profound philosophy of compassion and ability to feel the pain of others.

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